Company history

Consistently high quality and innovative products are our own claim.

1898: Foundation in Wallern, Bohemian Forest
1948: New start in Simbach/Inn
1954: Exhibition at the furniture fair in Cologne (small furniture, kidney-shaped tables, etc.)
1970: Contract furnishings for hospitals, schools, retirement homes
1976: Start of “postforming”, specialization as a supplier

2001: Super gloss coating with unique machine technology
2003: Lightweight construction, coating and sheathing of lightweight carrier materials
2011: Laser technology for narrow surface edging
2014: High-performance system for surface coating
2016: Fully automated parts cutting
2017: Implementation of a roll laminating system
2018: Implementation of a 5-axis machining center incl. Confirmation

2019: Construction of a 2,500 m² warehouse

2021: Construction of a 2,700 m² production hall for the surface coating plant

Company anniversary

Innovation is our tradition.


Future-oriented investments and a motivated team are our entrepreneurial premises.

Key figures

Values we are proud of.


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Sales in Mio Euro


We see the increasing individualization of markets and the requirements arising from the growing networking of business processes as an opportunity for steady and healthy growth.

  • Specialisation

    Obtaining outstanding achievements are the basis of durable competitiveness. erform produces since 1984 postforming elements and finished furniture laminate composite elements.

  • Reliability

    Erform produces by means of certified quality and environmental managment systems as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PEFC and FSC® the best quality which is expected by clients. We apply promised delivery dates and react as quick as possible on modifications.

  • Client orientation

    Technical informations, consultation and product development are the basis of our client management. Prompt processing of enquiries, shortest lead times and the stocking of raw materials are natural parts of our services.

  • Team spirit

    Extremely flexible workforce are producing on request even into a full-shift operation with weekend work. Our annual working time and attractive compensation systems encourage this willingness as well as joint activities off the job. Company outing, foreman excursions and corporate health care are important components and strengthen our team structure.

  • Sustainability

    Our company is certified by PEFC and FSC®. Our Technologies use regenerative energy sources and we operate a own photovoltaic-park for energy generation.


We check quality holistically, including ourselves!


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