Technology meets service

State of the art.

Our strategically important and steadily expanding business sector packing of finished furniture elements
was considerably expanded.
One-sided edge bander with PU-adhensive and laser units closes the transverse edges jointless.
Supergloss elements will be handpolished and ready for mounting on request. 
Also complex prefabricated elements of composites will be produced with drilling, milling and narrow surface laminating in perfection.
Our highly efficient and fully automatic machine park with one of the latest postforming plants in Germany is the basis for high-tech supply parts in the segment postforming.
We manufacture profiles with minimal, almost “sharp“ curves as well as doubled window sill L-profiles.
Sophisticated logistic concepts with just in time delivery complete our service.
erform is able to store significant quantities of raw materials like coatings and carrier boards to ensure fastest
and reliable delivery.